Martyn Tier


Martyn is a consultant with Project Lawyers, with over 25 years experience providing legal services to the Australian property and development industry.  He specialises in commercial property, mixed-use strata developments, broadacre residential developments, acquisition and sale of rural properties, hotels and trusts. Martyn provides advice in diverse areas which include complex strata titling issues, development agreements and joint venture arrangements including trust-based structures and hotel management agreement negotiation.

His expertise includes: drafting and negotiation of development agreements, development management agreements and project delivery agreements for a variety of projects; acquisition and disposal of all types of properties; establishment of complex purchasing and ownership structures including associated trust deeds, unitholders’ and shareholders’ agreements and joint venture agreements; strata and community title development and sales; commercial, industrial and retail leasing; due diligence; negotiation of hotel management agreements; foreign investment advice and applications; property trusts; and Managed Investments advice.