Western Sydney Aerotropolis 

The Project

The Western Sydney Aerotropolis will encompass an 11,200 hectare area with the new Western Sydney Airport, Nancy-Bird Walton, at its core. The aerotropolis will harness the unique opportunity of Sydney’s first 24/7 airport and become a thriving economic hub providing many new jobs, homes and infrastructure in the west.¬†Compulsory acquisition of residential and commerical properties will be necessary for the construction of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

By building the Western Sydney Aerotropolis, the Western Sydney Parklands development will be greatly accelerated to meet the needs of a constantly growing and changing Greater Sydney population. The Aerotropolis will make a significant contribution to 200,000 new jobs for Western Sydney by establishing a new high-skill jobs hub across aerospace and defence, manufacturing, healthcare, freight and logistics, agribusiness, education and research industries.

The aerotropolis also aims to further develop the emerging Western Parkland City. Not only will the Aerotropolis create more jobs in Western Sydney, but also more residential properties in the area – meaning that fewer residents will need to commute to the area for work.


The government has currently not released how many properties have been identified for compulsory acquisition for the Western Sydney Aerotropolis to be built.

If your business or residential property is affected by the Western Sydney Aerotropolis project and you would like a review of the offer made to you, please contact us using this link or call us on 02 9025 0808 and ask to speak to someone with regards to resumption of properties for Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

Further Information

To find further information about this project, please refer to the NSW Government website linked below: